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If I traveled back to 2009 and told you that in just 10 years, we'd have flame-throwing drones, a group of people committing to storm Area 51, and a moon named "Geoff," what would you say? 

No, seriously what would you say because I'm speechless.

In another news story that feels "very much 2019," the Jefferson County Library in Colorado is making the case for naming the Earth's moon "Geoff." Apparently fed up with the Earth's basic, noticeably nameless moon, the Jefferson County Public Library thinks we should take a page from Mars and Jupiter's book and bestow a worthy name to our pale friend (after all, their moons have cool names like "Phobos, Ganymede, and Europa"). 

They went to the drawing board and arrived at "Geoff" for a decent-enough reason: 

GEO- for Earth
F- for "fickle" because it's always changing
F- for "friend" because it's our lil floaty friend

At the time of this writing, 71 people have signed the petition to officially name the moon "Geoff." Internet, I know that you're capable of a lot of crazy things. Let's make this happen.