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Weekend Ketchup Episode 98

Isaac and Bri are back to talk some turkey! Also, the Kardashians are saying things online again. Also also, they've finally made phones small enough to hold again!


In Episode 60 of The Really Real Podcast, it takes all of Isaac's strength to resist stealing someone else's puppy dog (13:10), Kara takes her first test in a long time on a subject she...

The Lost

Please pray for all my lost family members, especially my sister Robin.

Budget Cut

I lost my job last week as part of a budget cut due to the pandemic. Please pray that God would open the door that we need and to reveal it clearly. Thank you.

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*Deuteronomy 7:9 is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. * Moses beautifully describes God’s immutable commitment to His people through His promises and covenants.


The book of Psalms is so entertaining to me because, regardless of what translation I experience it through, the imagery evoked and the beautiful poetry and songs bring about such an intense feeling every time.


When God designed me He didn’t make mistakes. I know He very intentionally chose for me to lack the ability to reach things sitting on the top shelf of the kitchen, I know he instilled in me a love for all things coffee-related, and I especially know he gave me a heart for being a servant of his.

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