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Fair warning: we spoil the h*ck out of season 3 of Stranger Things, and throw out our wild theories about S4...


Real Talk S04 E08: Mentoring

We all know that mentoring relationships make sense, but how do we get started? Plus... Ansen, Kara, and Isaac discuss how to recognize your time-traveling children and their favorite baby names.

Mission Trip

A group of 13 are headed to Ecuador next Friday the 26th. My 12 yr old son and wife are going. I ask that the Lord prepare is spiritually and mentally. To prepare the hearts of those who we will encounter in the youth camp, and encourage the missionaries there.

Cyber Bullied

I am experiencing terrible sadness, anxiety, and depression that is affecting an entire family, as an elected official in a small community, being cyber bullied.   I am having a very hard time getting through the pain. Also, pray for the instigator to have a softened heart because so far there is no getting through to him.

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Sitting in the coffee shop, I hear the sound track of love coming from the speaker behind me. Or at least, the soundtrack of wedding receptions. Frank Sinatra is, “saying something stupid like I love you,” while Etta James, “wants a Sunday kind of love.


“If I only had ______, I’d be happy. ” Quick! Fill in the empty space! No hesitation! That’s cheating. What was the first thing that appeared in your head? Was it “Jesus?” That’s the Sunday school answer, but I’ll take it. Kudos to you. If not, don’t feel bad. It wasn’t my immediate answer, either.


I like direction.  I like knowing the big picture. I like clarity. Which I’m learning is a really nice way of saying that I like control.  This was a recent revelation for me. But when I announced my sudden and astounding discovery to a friend, she just smiled.

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