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Weekend Ketchup Episode 42

IT'S THE WEEKEND. On today's episode of WK, Bri and Isaac discuss the soon-to-be pumpkin spice flavored... everything. And take a quick look at a selfie app that doesn't age you, but might just tell...


Real Talk S04 E08: Mentoring

We all know that mentoring relationships make sense, but how do we get started? Plus... Ansen, Kara, and Isaac discuss how to recognize your time-traveling children and their favorite baby names.

Mission to China

I am going to leave in the next month to go teach in China for a year. I still need to raise money for a plane ticket and I am struggling with belief it will come as well as with fear that I am not going to be a good teacher.


I'm beginning to get into youth ministry as a youth pastor and also as a rapper. And I'm having problems discerning where God is wanting me at. If you could pray for clarity and wisdom for me it would be greatly appreciated.

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Some days, I struggle to show up to life. Some days, everything just feels like way too much. There's so much heartache and so much suffering. Across the street, around the world, across the room. Not to mention my own shortcomings and burdens.


Who knew that a recipe for a hit in 2019 would include Kygo, Whitney Houston, and Steve Winwood? Yep, that's happening.  How? Let's break it down. Steve Winwood's "Higher Love" hit #1 all the way back in 1986. Whitney Houston apparently thought so, and recorded a cover of the tune back in 1990.


Let's time travel for a second: it's 2013, and you might be in college or maybe even wrapping up high school (if you were any younger please don't tell me, I already feel like a dinosaur at 25).   A lot went down that year.

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