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Weekend Ketchup Episode 16

It's FRIDAY: and you know what that means. Coming in today with another edition of "L Watch" featuring the world's most popular egg. Also Netflix is getting in trouble for something none of us noticed in Bird Box...


Weekend Ketchup Episode 15

It's time for another Weekend Ketchup! On this ep I'm joined by my friend and co-worker, Ansen, to discuss Bluetooth enabled diapers, and I get you up to date on the gov shutdown, and the guy who REALLY shouldn't have...


Weekend Ketchup Episode 14

It's the first episode of 2019, so why not get a fight started with all my nerd friends: Season 3 of Stranger Things might not be good, you guys. - This is a deep dive episode. Get your floaties.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 13

Today we're talking about: Ford’s sound-proof dog kennel, the first look at Disney’s live action Aladdin, the NYT’s article on Facebook, and the eBay shopping trends for 2018! Let’s jump in.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 12

Today we're looking back at Facebook’s newest patented technology and all the scary implications that are about to keep me up at night, including the newest superman adaptation that takes a few beats from The Omen.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 11

Today we're looking back MIB's reboot, MoviePass announcing that they're making 2019 their #ComebackYear, and Netflix buying a show that we've all seen a hundred times. Also, Ansen got a burger in a parking lot for a penny. Let’s jump in.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 10

Today we're looking back at the new Lion King trailer, the family that got shattered when an uncle took a DNA test, and people naming their babies after Fortnite characters... yeah. Let’s jump in.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 9

Today we're looking back at John Williams scoring our lives as we walk around the Star Wars world, Instagram fighting the bot war, and the fact that Fallout 76 is getting completely ignored. Let’s jump in.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 8

Today we're looking back at Detective Pikachu, an app that’s giving sight to the blind, Facebook is now getting flak for deleting posts, Monopoly for Millennials, and a non profit has released the creepiest gifts this year.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 7

Today we're looking back at the tiny little election that everyone forgot that we had this week, ASMR videos are now merging with “unboxing” videos, an alien probe definitely passed us recently, and foldable smartphones.