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Naughty & Nice (Episode 32)

It's time to put a bow on 2018! What were some Ansen, Kara, and Isaac's favorite (and least favorite) things that happened this year? We cover "Baby Shark," Black Panther, customer service reps, ageism, and more...


Getting Political (Episode 31)

Don't worry... Ansen, Kara, and Isaac aren't going to share their laundry lists of political opinions. Instead, they discuss the question, "What role should Christians play in politics?" Oh, and the merits of robot vacuums.


Holiday Gift Guide (Episode 30)

Christmas shopping season is here, so Ansen, Kara and Isaac present the Real FM Holiday Gift Guide! We've got ideas for every category of person in your life, including the "Man of the Woods," the "Impossible-to-Shop-for-Dad," and "Blanket Fort Betty!


Mawwiage (Episode 29)

Mawwaige. Mawwaige is what bwings us togethew today. Ansen, Kara, and Isaac get silly about everything from waffles to Nebraska, and get serious about everything from miscarriage to married life.


The Enneagram (Episode 28)

Why is everyone in Christian circles obsessed with The Enneagram? What even is it for that matter? Ansen, Kara, and Isaac dive into that, plus reading with your kids, fall festivals, procrastination, and more...


Body Image (Episode 27)

Ansen, Kara, and Isaac are back and tackling the topic of body image. How can we better understand the distinction between weight and health, and how can we use methods other than shame to encourage ourselves to lead healthy lives?


At The Movies (Episode 26)

Ansen, Kara, and Isaac are taking a break from the serious stuff to talk movies! Learn about a few of their niche favorites, and bear witness as they burn bridges with thousands of Lord of the Rings, Batman, and Disney fans.


S03 E01: Quiet Time (Episode 25)

Ansen, Kara, and Isaac are back for Season 3 to discuss deepening our relationship with God. Why, when, and how should we go about it? Plus, new segments for Season 3, including "How to Adult," "OVERRATED," and "Mad-Lib the News."


What Do You People Want? (Episode 24)

Ansen, Kara, and Isaac are joined by Dri and Bri (not confusing at all!) to answer an interesting question: What's the one thing you wish the opposite gender knew about your gender? Plus...


Goin’ To Church (Episode 23)

Questions answered on this episode: Is church attendance mandatory for Christians? How do you know which church is right for you? What if you've been hurt in church? And perhaps most importantly, how in the world would you take care...